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Our clients are the driving force behind everything that we do.  

"The banking industry is heavily regulated and we are under a lot of scrutiny to make sure all the information we have is secure ... Synagex has a banking background and to have a partner that understands those regulations and rules that other business don’t have is wonderful ... They know what they’re talking about when they call our employees they take care of our issues right away. We couldn’t be happier."

Carrie Leblanc, Senior Vice President - Operations & IT

"One of the big changes in medicine over the last 10 years is the use of electronic medical records, electronic health records. and they are vital it allows me to pull out my cell phone. I can look up a patient immediately. I can check meds, I can prescribe. You need reliability. Those cannot go down. We have encrypted backups. We are very careful and that was something they are well aware of, the privacy act, and how to implement that."

Michael P Nancollas, M.D.