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About Synagex Modern IT

Synagex's vision for cybersecurity and IT is about being a simple, result-focused technology solution for our clients. At Synagex, our mission to provide true IT-as-a-service — people, process, tools & STRATEGY — delivered in a way that is easy, engaging and fun.

Portrait of John Sinopoli, CEO of Synagex

IT's About Enabling Business

John Sinopoli, President & CEO, built Synagex from the ground up, sourcing the right people, the best tools, and the most refined processes, so that he could offer a new, modern approach to IT.

Working in both big business and small, he has identified a need for offices and business teams of all industries to have easy-to-understand cybersecurity and  technology that just works — all the time.

We don't need our customers to know the ins & outs of their technology... that's our job!  With Synagex Modern IT, we deliver the whole ecosystem in a way that is accessible and affordable for businesses.​

IT's Technology that Just Works.


Modern IT is About:


It’s not just about providing cybersecurity and IT solutions for our customers, it’s about IT as a true service. Taking care of our customers and addressing all of their needs with the skills that are appropriate to have a strategic IT engagement, but also doing it in a way that’s fun and engaging.


Our employees, processes, and tools are streamlined to enable strategic partnerships and offer the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Modern IT is really about delivering all of that specialized cybersecurity and IT content in a really easy-to-digest solution that includes strategic thinking for our business customers. 

Portrait of smiling employee

IT's About

We do our Work

So You Can Do

Your Best Work.

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