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About Laureyns United

"Laureyns United owns Climate Heating and Cooling, and Four Seasons. In the beginning, before our merge, Climate hired Synagex, because we needed technical support for our servers, our iPads, our cell phones and all of our networking, and we weren’t getting it from other firms. 

In 2017, our family had a tragedy — my younger brother died unexpectedly.  He owned Four Seasons Heating and Cooling 3 miles down the road from me.  So, my sister-in-law and I got together and decided to put both businesses together and go forward.  When we did that, we decided we wanted to keep the names and the legacies of both businesses, so we formed a corporation called Laureyns United, and we kept the Climate name and the Four Seasons name.  But that created new problems."

Portrait of Rick Laureyns, tinted blue
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IT Support and Cybersecurity

We sat down with Rick Laureyns, CEO of Laureyns United, to hear their unique technology story, and what they think of Synagex.

"We really needed Synagex to help us out."
 "We had two sites, two servers, 70 iPads and the same number of cell phones. Everything was duplicated — separate accounting, separate engineering — the whole nine yards. So it really had to get sorted out and we had to get things talking right away. So that’s when John and his team came with us.
Getting the networks to talk, getting IP addresses sorted out was a big task,
and those guys did it.  They went through and they did everything for us. "
On Strategy

"Our problems were, 1. the Climate location had a large server, servicing 45-50 employees, and Four Seasons had one that was servicing around 35 — Two remote locations.  So going forward with our new business plan, we told John we wanted to make Four Seasons our service company, and we wanted to make Climate our sales installation and engineering company.

Getting all of our iPads working correctly and one accounting system was a huge task — they helped us with that.  We have laptops that we call in remotely, and we had that working prior to COVID, but then they helped us even more after to get all set up.  They definitely have taken good care of us."

The Business Relationship

"The team at Synagex is very friendly to work with. When computers crash, or when a hard drive goes or something happens, sometimes there can be a lot of drama with that.  These guys are patient, they go over and sit down, they sort through the problem and they solve it.  I give them credit because sometimes it’s a stretch to be patient with people.

They have great people in the office — John, Dave, — they’re top notch.  Steve, in the field, is a network expert.  He comes to our facility and there’s just nothing the guy can’t fix."


"Cybersecurity is definitely important to us.  What’s going on out there in this world today, with all of the hacking going on, and people getting credit cards and stealing identities has become a big problem for our company, especially on the service side.  We do a lot of residential COD and it has to be secure.  Our emails and our banking have now become a target because small businesses are a target.  We have had Synagex get involved to improve our cybersecurity in all of our systems.  That was a pretty good sized task, and we’re in the process of finishing it right now.  We actually had a little scare before we had them work on it.  It’s very important to us and they take good care of us with that."

How Synagex Compares

"In the past we’ve had 2 other companies working for us — like Synagex.  They did a good job, but one was out of town and it was difficult for them to respond timely. The other one… I guess we just outgrew them.  John’s staff is good.  They have a lot of technical expertise and they have the resources to take care of the many problems that we run into every day.  It’s either an iPad, a workstation, a corrupt file — you name it.  Every day we keep them busy."

"I Give Them 
Straight A's"

Your IT Should Be Unique

Our customers are all different, we all do different things — we are involved with the department of defense, we are a finance company, we are a construction company, we are retail-focused, or healthcare —each one of those businesses has a unique need for technology.
We like to focus our time, at the strategic level, on those differences.  


Watch the video!

"I would tell anyone to hire Synagex.  They’ve done good for us.  When we need service, we get it.  We have a contract with them, it is a monthly expense, but if you want to grow and you want to take care of your stuff, and you need service as quick as we get it and as we need it, you have to have somebody like Synagex.


I think they’re professional, prompt getting to us and they have technical knowledge — they really give it a good swing.  They’re on it, they follow it through until the problem is solved."

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