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Service Locations

Synagex has 2 operating locations in the US—our Headquarters in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, and our Rocky Mountain Expansion Branch in Golden, Colorado. We service small to medium-sized businesses nation-wide.

Synagex Modern IT is Headquartered in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. This Central Berkshire County location has allowed us to provide IT and cybersecurity services to Berkshire small businesses, with services areas expanding into the rest of Massachusetts, New England, and beyond. Synagex was built from the ground up in the Berkshires, and this location serves as our main hub for servicing business clients throughout the East Coast.


HQ Location,

Pittsfield, MA

Expansion Branch,
Golden, CO

Our Expansion Branch is brand new and based out of Golden, Colorado. Led by Synagex Regional President, Donny Parker, this operating location allows Synagex to service Cybersecurity and IT clients in the Rocky Mountain Region, expanding into the West Coast areas, where we have seen a need for cybersecurity compliance and CMMC regulation support. 

Synagex Offers Nation-Wide Cybersecurity Solutions, CMMC Support and Managed IT Services.

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