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The Synagex Team

Together, we have 50 years of combined technology leadership experience in small to large business. Our team of IT consultants bring technical expertise and outstanding customer service, with earned certifications in CompTIA, VMWare, Microsoft and Cisco. Synagex is also a CMMC Registered Provider Organization, with experience providing easy-to-digest cybersecurity risk assessments.

Portrait of John Sinopoli smiling

John Sinopoli
President & CEO

John's leadership experience comes from over 20 years in business technology and IT solutions. Over 17 of those years have been in service to large financial institutions. His combined leadership experience in banking as well as small business strategic IT consulting gives him a unique blend of perspectives to help shape the vision serving Synagex clients.

Ted Frederick.png

Ted Frederick
Chief Technology Officer

Ted has worked in IT for over 25 years.  He started his own local IT firm, Ascentek, in 2000 – which was acquired by Synagex in 2024 & has spent his career providing computer consulting & IT outsourcing to banks, manufacturers, legal offices, schools, non-profits and more. His combined IT knowledge & a passion for arming clients with proper technology solutions to make their lives and businesses run smoothly makes him an integral part of the Synagex team.  You may recognize him for his epic beard, or his distinctive voice. Outside of the Synagex office, he enjoys movies, reading, & hiking.

Portrait of Peter Morin, CTO of Synagex, smiling with a brick background

Peter Morin
Chief Information Security Officer

Pete is a Berkshire County native and has worked in business technology for over 25 years. He has worked with businesses both big and small, and served a variety of regulated industries including a leadership role as Corporate Systems Manager at Berkshire Bank. Pete comes to Synagex after helping his wife establish Carver Family Dentistry while serving as the Business and IT Manager.

Portrait of Leah Casucci, Director of Operations at Synagex

Leah Casucci
Chief Operating Officer

Leah has worked in Operations for close to 25 years. She started her career at KB Toys as a Help Desk Technician and has held various positions throughout a 12 year tenure, including Buyer and Wholesale Account Manager to QVC. Leah then joined Berkshire Bank, working in Project Management for several years before implementing and managing the Interactive Teller Machine program. 

IT's About Teamwork

We are big believers in happiness at work, and we are big proponents of every employee here having a voice.
A little less command-and-control, a little more teamwork!
Mel King.jpg

Mel King

Service Desk Lead

Mel has been working with computers for 30+ years as a “tinkerer” and spent 5 years working in the IT/MSP field before joining the Synagex team.  She has experience in desktop and software support, manufacturing, sales and 20+ years in customer service.  Mel has run her own successful karaoke DJ business and sings every time she has the chance.  She does light construction on her own house in her spare time and is a very proud wife of a nurse and stepmom of two.

Kalee Carmel.png

Kalee Carmel

Strategic Services Lead

Kalee has over 15 years of customer service experience in various industries including IT, financial services, and non-profit operations. Her focus is helping customers take control of their IT strategy to propel business forward rather than hinder it. She is also passionate about educating vulnerable populations on cybersecurity. In her spare time Kalee enjoys tending to her vegetable garden, reading, and weightlifting. She is a proud fur mom to her two pittie pups and legal guardian to her 17-year-old cousin.


Daniel Kelson

Endpoint Engineer

Daniel is a member of the Service Desk Team.  He comes to us after graduating from MCLA with a degree in IT and Software Development.  He has always enjoyed coding and software development, and is passionate about animals.  If he wasn’t pursuing a career in computers, he would be taking care of them.

Nick Perrault.png

Nick Perrault

Endpoint Engineer

Nick is a member of the Service Desk Team. He is a NCTI Certified Master Technician and previously worked for our local ISP (Charter Communications – Spectrum 5 Years). He is highly trained with integrated communication systems and brings significant expertise in troubleshooting and diagnostics, root cause analysis and functional improvement. When Nick is not working, he spends his time taking care of his wonderful daughter and doing projects around the house.

Ian Girourard.jpg

Ian Girouard

Endpoint Engineer

Ian is a part of the Service Desk Team, with over a decade of combined experience in retail banking and IT. His passion for puzzles and problem-solving was ignited during childhood, helping his dad build computers. At Synagex, Ian excels in navigating complex IT issues, ensuring clients receive top-notch support. Outside of work, Ian enjoys scuba diving and motorcycle adventures, reflecting his adventurous spirit and love for challenges.


Nathan DelSignore

Senior Network Administrator (Team Lead)

Nathan has been engulfed in technology since he was 14 and got his first PC. Over the last 23 years, he has dug into almost every aspect of technology, from Software Development to the end-user and everything in between. When he’s not tackling new IT challenges, he spends time with his various hobbies, woodworking, reading, tinkering, and family.

Portrait of Chris Munn, Senior Client Service Specialist at Synagex

Chris Munn
Network Administrator

Chris is here to help customers with any larger IT problems. He likes interacting with customers on site to assist with their issues or bigger projects that need multiple hands. He is happy to jump in and get you back to doing better work & better business!


Larry Knights

Network Administrator

Larry has over 30 years of professional IT experience.  He is passionate about the people and what he does, making him very security conscious. Over the last 30 years in the industry, he spent many of those working on the Department of Homeland Security account, he participated in an HP focus group for Department of Homeland Security data centers, and was the 2012 Hewlett Packard Enterprise MVP Award recipient.  Outside of work, he enjoys camping with his family, grilling, cooking, and troubleshooting just about anything!

Matt Spaniol Photo Original.png

Matt Spaniol
SOC Lead

Matt was born and raised in the Berkshires, but received his degree for Cybersecurity and Networking at Champlain College in VT.   Although fairly new to the professional environment of IT, he is wearing a few hats at Synagex and diving in to cybersecurity and helping on the service team.   In his spare time, he enjoys playing dungeons and dragons.


DJ Townsend
SOC Technician

DJ is a member of the Service Desk team.  DJ was previously a machinist for several local manufacturers but has always had a passion for all things IT related.  DJ is also a talented guitarist and plays in a band in his spare time—talk about multi-talented!

Ray Lemoine Original Picture.png

Ray Lemoine
Escalation Technician

Ray has always enjoyed working with servers and virtual machines, VMware in particular. He is self-taught in PC’s, servers, and basic networking, but has 9 years of on-the-job experience and continues to learn and expand his technical skills and knowledge.  He has his own home server, which he uses to enhance his knowledge and skills of VMware, Windows servers, networking, etc.    Besides his passion for IT, he is an avid Star Trek fan.

Campbell Bridges.png

Cambell Bridges

Escalation Technician

Cambell got his start in the industry with an IT director at a law firm, while studying theater and pursuing an acting career.  He went on to study theater in the U.K., but ultimately chose to follow the IT path, despite his many notable acting roles.  Much of his professional IT career and experience has been with investment banks and law firms, which eventually lead him to Ascentek.   When Synagex acquired Ascentek, Cambell joined the team and quickly proved to be invaluable on the Service Desk team with his passion for helping customers!    He still finds time to sing professionally in several local choral groups, and stays active in the Lenox youth sports world.

Joel Ambrose[65].png

Joel Ambrose

Escalation Technician

Synagex was lucky to welcome Joel to the team with the acquisition of Ascentek.  He spent 13+ years at Ascentek.  His technical expertise and great customer service were a perfect fit for taking on the role of an Escalation Engineer with the Synagex Service desk team.  He is knowledgeable and ready to help handle any IT issues you have!

Kelsey Mozzi Picture.jpg

Kelsey Mozzi
Sales & Culture Specialist

Kelsey has many years of experience in Event Sales + Event Coordination/Management.  Her passion for working with people, creating enjoyable atmospheres, and attention to the small but important details lead her to a role as Synagex’s Culture and Sales Specialist.  Kelsey enjoys skiing with her family in these Berkshire winters!

Michael Nancollas Photo Original.png

Michael Nancollas
Cybersecurity Assessor

Michael has over 25 years of experience owning and running a SME while practicing orthopaedic hand surgery. One of his favorite roles included educating patients, students and colleagues. In addition, he has always had an interest in technology evolving from DXing to building his own synthesizer. Michael has a passion for understanding the details. This serves him well in challenging world of cybersecurity.  In his spare time, Michael enjoys many hobbies – photography in particular!

Synagex Logo

“They have great people in the office — John himself, Dave — they’re top notch. 
Steve, in the field, is a network expert. 
He comes to our facility and there’s just nothing the guy can’t fix.”

- Rick Laureyns, President & CEO at Laureyns United

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