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Modern IT is about having the right team. At Synagex, we've crafted a team of experts for you, with the ability to fill the role of your IT department — or supplement it. Synagex is your outsourced solution to a complete IT package: your IT help desk, cybersecurity awareness training, network administrator and even the support of a virtual CISO.

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Modern Businesses Need Modern IT

Synagex IT-as-a-Service covers all of IT—including cybersecurity.


Modern IT means managing your IT processes so that your technology works all the time. Synagex provides great proactive and reactive support for your technology and cybersecurity needs. We're looking out for your businesses security, technology performance, user accessibility, backup & recovery plans and more — the best part? We don't want you to worry about it!


Modern IT is leveraging the tools you need to elevate business and support your teams, without being weighed down by the tools and technology you don't need. At Synagex, we tailor your technology & cybersecurity plan to your businesses needs right now — and we're ready to scale when you are.

IT's That Simple?

IT's also fun! We won't bore you with all of the moving pieces, we'll just make your technology work. That way we can dedicate more time to getting to know you, your business needs... and having some fun along the way. 

We do IT & cybersecurity differently. At Synagex, our specialty is enabling small to medium-sized businesses, and solving your IT problem. 

We Make IT Simple

Here's where things get exciting! Once you have the fundamentals in place — the people, the process, the tools — you are ready talk strategy. 

Our customers are all different, and we really join them in partnership. Synagex becomes part of the team. We work with the US Department of defense, we are a finance company, we are a construction company, we are retail-focused, or healthcare.


Each one of those businesses has a unique need for cybersecurity and technology, and we like to focus our time, at the strategic level, on those differences.

Candid portrait of John explaining, with blue toolboxes in the background

IT's About Strategy

Ready for IT: Strategy

IT's all about Strategy.
Want the details? See the stories below to find out how we enabled business through the power of IT and cybersecurity strategy.
Candid side portrait of Tim Burke from Mill Town Capital

Tim Burke

CEO, Mill Town Capital

"We chose Synagex because they had a very proactive approach."

Candid portrait of Rick Laureyns From Laureyns United

— Rick Laureyns

President & CEO, Laureyns United

"John gave his personal attention to me and that’s why I hired him."

Candid photo of Justin McKennon from ElectroMagnetic Applications

Justin McKennon

Principal Scientist I, EMA

"I don’t think there’s a better IT company in the Berkshires than Synagex."

Candid side portrait of Vince Lanning from Hi-Tech Mold & Tool

Vince Lanning

VP & GM, Hi-Tech Mold & Tool

"Honestly the value has been terrific between the pricing and what we get for those benefits."

Candid portrait of Sam Russo from Dive Technologies

Sam Russo

COO, Dive Technologies

"Synagex has been really helpful, particularly with cybersecurity, which is a really important part of what we do."

Candid portrait of Carrie Leblanc from First National Bank of Suffield

Carrie LeBlanc

SVP, First National Bank of Suffield

"We thought Synagex would be an interim solution, bit it's working out so well for us."

Portrait of Michael Nancollas MD from Berkshire Hand to Shoulder

Michael Nancollas, MD

Owner, Berkshire Hand to Shoulder

"It was one area that I could just close the door and say, 'this is being taken care of.'"

IT's a Service, After All

We take care of our customers by providing top-notch service.
Our clients are the driving force behind everything that we do.
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