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Cybersecurity — in plain english

Synagex views cybersecurity as a journey, rather than a one-and-done solution.


We know it's overwhelming to decide where you should invest your time, finances and resources. Whether your business needs to meet industry regulations, federal compliance requirements, or you just want to protect your small to medium sized business, Synagex will make the process simple.

The team at Synagex has experience in banking FFIEC regulations, HIPAA healthcare standards, CMMC requirements for compliance — and more.

For Manufacturers

We'll guide you through the CMMC risk assessment process, and create simple action plans to get your business to the compliance level you need to be at to preserve your DoD contracts and continue business as seamlessly as possible.

For Healthcare

Protect patient privacy and get the technology support you need to implement HIPAA regulatory standards. We can ensure your healthcare business is following policy while you focus on the patients.

For Banking

Our team at Synagex has extensive first-hand experience in meeting strict banking regulations. We make it simple for you to meet and maintain FFIEC compliance, and continue doing business with confidence.

For Remote Work

Adapt your business to the more distributed workplace of the future. Get support migrating your business data and processes to the cloud, and secure your team whether they are working at the office or remotely.

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Your Cybersecurity Posture, our Assessment

Improve your Cybersecurity Posture.
Synagex offers risk assessments to get you compliant 

— or simply better secured.


Cybersecurity is the protection of information systems, and the tools involved in protecting that data.  Those tools can involve firewalls, antivirus software, spam protection, email encryption, and even down to security awareness training.

A lot of it comes down to policy and procedure, and how to integrate these practices into your workflow. Cybersecurity has a crucial role in any business, and especially in industries like manufacturing, with CMMC, where we are now forced to pay attention.

Cybersecurity, What is IT?

How to Balance IT

IT's all about Strategy.
At Synagex, we focus on the strategy — how to balance the convenience with security that's right for your workflow.
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More About

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

IT's About Awareness

We’re one of the biggest risks to cybersecurity or the protection of data right now, so if we can train at the employee level to be aware of those situations, we’re better protecting the organization.

"This was a great presentation. Really eye-opening and informative. To a layperson, cybersecurity is so daunting. Great to learn from the experts!" - John Schnelle, Sales Manager at Boyd Technologies

Side portrait of Sam Russo from Dive Technologies

More About

Dive Technology's Story

IT's About Layers

The best cybersecurity to protect any organization is really about having a layered approach. IT isn't an out-of-the-box solution and threats are always evolving. Whether you are looking to comply with CMMC levels, or just fortifying your business, we have to understand how people, process, and tools, contribute to a comprehensive cybersecurity posture.

" Synagex has been very helpful — initially with assessing our current readiness, but then with helping us to build a plan to be compliant and to scale the company appropriately." - Sam Russo, COO at Dive Technologies

Portrait of Carrie Leblanc from First National Bank of Suffield

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FNB of Suffield's Story

IT Can Be Strict

For certain industries, compliance is essential. Banking organizations have been a big target for hacking, and have thus been strictly regulated for a long time.  Meeting compliance with FFIEC is critical to remaining in business.

"We are under a lot of scrutiny to make sure all the information we have is secure ...  to have a partner that understands those regulations and rules that other business don’t have is wonderful" - Carrie Leblanc, Senior VP at First National Bank of Suffield

Side portrait of Vince Lanning from Hi-Tech Mold & Tool

More About

Hi-Tech's Story

IT's About the Future!

We know investing in cybersecurity, and IT support is a significant investment, especially for small businesses — but it's a critical investment for the future. Every business is unique, and Synagex is ready to discuss business strategy to find the right investments your business needs.

"There’s always a balance of investment and value that goes along with that.  Whether it’s CMMC or DFARS — just understanding our place in that, and what’s the value that makes sense" - Vince Lanning, VP & GM at Hi-Tech Mold & Tool

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