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Synagex's Cybersecurity Ninjas Sit Down with Manufacturers Edge to Talk Cybersecurity and Compliance.

Afraid of compliance regulations? Does CMMC have you overwhelmed?

Allow our cybersecurity experts—or "ninjas" as we like to call them—put you at ease by making cybersecurity and compliance something simple and approachable.

"It's that thing that you just want to delay, postpone and think about it another day... but you guys make it feel very harmless... like it is something almost friendly that you can confront and actually overcome and be successful at." –Jessica Cowden, Manufacturer's Edge

At Synagex, we believe that making IT simple is the key to navigating the complex landscape of cybersecurity and compliance, especially for manufacturers who are increasingly vulnerable to digital threats. That's why we were thrilled to have our very own experts, John and Pete, featured in a recent video webinar dedicated to decoding these critical issues.

"We love talking about cybersecurity!" – John Sinopoli, Synagex

"Let's Talk Cyber with Synagex" is part a new video series from Manufacturer's Edge, Colorado's Official MEP. The webinar features John and Pete, seasoned veterans in the realm of cybersecurity and compliance, as they talk all things cybersecurity with ME's Director of Marketing, Jessica Cowden, shedding light on the importance of safeguarding manufacturing operations against cyber threats, whether for regulatory compliance—or even general cybersecurity best practice.

In the webinar, they covered various topics, including:

  1. Synagex's Own Approach to Cybersecurity Risk Assessments: John and Pete describe how they specialize in taking the complex world of cybersecurity and compliance simple and understandable for someone who is just dipping a toe in IT—so that the businesses we work with can focus on what they do best.

  2. What the Risk Assessment Process is Like: After being introduced to your company, we send a pre-assessment checklist before we dive in to a more thorough assessment, covering any questions and controls that are a part of NIST 800-171 or CMMC requirements—and we'll steer that to ensure accuracy and efficiency where we can.

  3. What Deliverables to Expect from the Assessment: After covering all 110 of the controls, Synagex delivers a SSP (System Security Plan), POAM (Plan of Action and Milestones) and SPRS (Supplier Performance Risk Score)—these are the acronyms describing the documents that contractors will be looking for.

  4. Who Risk Assessments are For: This webinar is manufacturing-focused for requirements like CMMC and NIST 800-171, but this framework is not limited to the defense industry! These cybersecurity controls are important to all businesses and reviewing where your business might be weak when it comes to cybersecurity could incredibly impactful to future success.

  5. The Difference Between a CMMC AB vs. C3PAO: Synagex is a CMMC accredited organization (CMMC AB)—not to be confused with a C3PAO auditor. This means we're not the ones who are deciding if you can do business with the DIB, but instead we are inside assessors that help your business meet compliance goals or produce the necessary documents to proceed with defense contracts.

Stay tuned for more insightful webinars and educational resources from Synagex!

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Synagex Acquires Ascentek in Merger of Managed IT Service Providers.

Combined Company Committed to Stay and Grow in the Berkshires.

Synagex, a provider of managed IT and cybersecurity services, today announced the acquisition of Ascentek, a western Massachusetts information technology firm which also provides IT consulting and outsourcing services. 

Synagex delivers the entire IT ecosystem and cybersecurity protection which every business needs, combining that with strategy to enable business growth. Synagex also provides cybersecurity assessments based on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model, a cybersecurity framework for US defense contractors.  Ascentek provides desktop and server support, network design and maintenance, email systems, network security, and help desk services, with fast on-site and remote support.

As Managed Services Providers (MSPs), both companies have separately served the growing number of small and medium-sized businesses that do not have the internal Information Technology resources to do it themselves. In a world where these companies are increasingly vulnerable to malware and other threats, Synagex’s cybersecurity expertise is proving valuable, particularly with defense contractors.

“Whether serving defense, finance, manufacturing or other industries, companies up and down the supply chain are facing the dual challenges of rapidly changing Information Technology and security threats,” said John Sinopoli, founder, President and CEO of Synagex. “Growth in this industry led us to seek a business partner that could hit the ground running. Ascentek was the obvious choice. Founded in 2000, the company’s expertise is both deep and broad-based.” 

Ascentek founder and president Ted Frederick will be the Chief Technical Officer of the merged company. ”John started Synagex seven years ago, with the goal of creating a service business focused on quality, result-focused IT. It works,” said Frederick. “Joining a vibrant, locally-owned firm with a commitment to staying and growing in the Berkshires represents and exciting new chapter for Ascentek, and I look forward to being part of it.” 

Ascentek customers comprise banks, manufacturing, legal offices, schools, auto dealerships, architects, non-profits, and more. Although most of its customers are located in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, the company also provides remote support for customers in Dallas, Pittsburgh, Reno, and several other U.S. cities.

Effective this January, the merger combines both work forces into a company with 30 professionals, and no loss of local jobs, said Sinopoli.


Synagex Modern IT provides a simple IT and cybersecurity solution for businesses. In addition to its outsourced IT services, Synagex is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) providing Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification assessments. CMMC is a cybersecurity framework for U.S. defense contractors, designed to measure the cybersecurity maturity of the defense supply chain by combining different standards and requirements. CMMC is a unifying standard and certification model to ensure that DoD contractors protect sensitive information. It has three increasingly progressive levels of cybersecurity, and the Department of Defense will require all contractors to be certified to one of the three CMMC levels by the end of 2025 

Ascentek maintains partnerships with several giants in the IT industry such as Microsoft, HP, IBM, Lenovo, Symantec, and others. The company’s experience and expertise, combined with these partnerships, allows it to offer customers leading-edge technology solutions while keeping costs down. 

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This is very exciting news for all Massachusetts Manufacturers: Our friends at MassMEP and Mass Tech Collaborative have introduced a new “Manufacturing Cybersecurity Program” to assist in bolstering YOUR cybersecurity. It’s a special part of the MMAP (Massachusetts Manufacturing Accelerate Program) that manufacturers can apply to in order to secure up to $30,000 in funding for the cybersecurity gear you need.

🏭 The program is open to Massachusetts-based small to medium sized manufacturers.

🤝 You can get help meeting cybersecurity standards such as CMMC, ISO 27001 or SOC2.

🌐 You'll be a part of an ecosystem of support to collaborate and rely on.

🚀 GET STARTED by signing up for the Informational Webinar this Friday, December 15th—Registration is HERE:

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