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How Berkshire Hand to Shoulder Center Got Started

"About a year and a half ago, I was moving from a group practice to opening my own practice. I needed IT and I was looking for telephone support as well. I needed the package. John showed up, and things have been really good since then. If he said, 'I can do this,' he delivered. He delivered without being reminded. It was seamless. They are very proactive in what they do, and that's really important."

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IT Support and Cybersecurity

We sat down with Dr. Michael Nancollas, MD, owner of Berkshire Hand to Shoulder, to hear what stands out about working with Synagex.

"My life becomes a lot easier."

 "I'm the guy who would fix everyone else's computer. I would fix the network or I would deal with the printers—that gets old. That's not what I went to school for. My life becomes a lot easier because I have carved out a big portion of what a small business does these days 
and I give it to someone else to handle, knowing that it's going to be reliably serviced, 
expediently, and I think it's done at a very fair price. "
On Strategy

"If you value your time, and you want to be more productive in whatever phase, you want a partner you can rely on. You want someone who you can email or call and you'll get that problem solved rapidly. It makes it worthwhile having a business there for you."

The Business Relationship

"I'm doing 500 or 1000 other things. I lost a lot of sleep getting everything else up and running. But I knew that my IT was going to be there when it was promised and it would be up and functioning right away. In fact, Synagex did a little ahead of time, it was really nice. It was one area that I could just close the door and say, 'this is being taken care of.'"


"One of the biggest changes in medicine over the last 10 years is the use of electronic medical records, electronic health records—and they are vital. It allows me to pull out my cell phone, and I can look up a patient immediately. I can check meds, I can prescribe. Those cannot go down. We have encrypted backups. We are very careful and that was something they [Synagex] are very well aware of—the Privacy Act, and how to implement that."

"It's worthwhile having a business that's there for you."

Your IT Should Be Unique

Our customers are all different, we all do different things — we are involved with the department of defense, we are a finance company, we are a construction company, we are retail-focused, or healthcare —each one of those businesses has a unique need for technology.
We like to focus our time, at the strategic level, on those differences.  


Watch the video!

"If you are a business, especially a small business in need of IT support, consider Synagex. They are a company that can help you work through your problems.


They'll offer you the support and services you need."

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