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Portrait of Vince Lanning from Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, tinted blue
"They’re a great value and a great partner to work with."

— Vince Lanning, Hi-Tech Mold & Tool

 IT Enables Business

Every business has a unique need for technology

Portrait of Vince Lanning talking about IT for Manufacturing

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Hi-Tech's Story

IT for Manufacturers

For contract manufacturer, Hi-Tech Mold & Tool, technology is critical to their business. Find out how Synagex provided the value and flexibility they needed for the most important of business: growth.

Vince Lanning, Vice President and General Manager of Hi-Tech Mold & Tool explains more.

Portrait of Rick Laureyns talking about IT for Service Contractors

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Laureyns United's Story

IT for Service Contractors

Contractors providing HVAC or electric services to commercial and residential customers have a lot of moving pieces and a lot of data to keep secure. Learn how Synagex helped Laureyns United take a big business step, and equipped their team for success.

Rick Laureyns, CEO of Laureyns United tells the story.

Portrait of Tim Burke talking about IT for Investment Firms

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Mill Town's Story

IT for Investment Funds

Investment firm, Mill Town Capital, has a small team and lot of projects and investments to keep organized. Find out how Synagex has helped to fortify their business and keep their distributed teams connected.

Tim Burke, CEO of Mill Town Capital tells more.

Portrait of Michael Nancollas talking about IT for Healthcare

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Berkshire Hand's Story

IT for Healthcare

Security is imperative to the healthcare industry to protect patient privacy and comply with HIPAA security rules. Learn more about how Synagex helped Berkshire Hand to Shoulder Center have the resources and backups they could rely on while staying secure and compliant.

Michael Nancollas MD. of Berkshire Hand to Shoulder explains more.

Portrait of Sam Russo talking about IT for Department of Defense Contractors and CMMC Regulations

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Dive Tech's Story

IT for DoD Contractors

Manufacturers in the Department of Defense supply chain are required to comply with rules and regulations enforced by the US government, which can often be overwhelming to take on. Find out how Synagex helped Dive Technologies maintain DoD business by reaching CMMC Level 3 compliance.

Sam Russo, COO of Dive Technologies explains more.

Portrait of Justin McKennon talking about IT for Aerospace Engineers

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EMA's Story

IT for Aerospace Engineers

Powerful innovation needs powerful computers, as well as heavy security. Discover how Synagex keeps EMA's team connected, allowing their team of engineers to collaborate across the country—while keeping compliant.

Justin McKennon, Principal Scientist of ElectroMagnetic Applications tells the story.

Portrait of Carrie Leblanc talking about IT for Banking and FFIEC regulations

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FNB's Story

IT for Banking

The banking industry is heavily regulated, undergoing regular audits for FFIEC compliance. Learn how First National Bank of Suffield could rely on the expertise (and banking background) of the team at Synagex.

Carrie LeBlanc, SVP of Operations at First National Bank of Suffield tells more.


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