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Cybersecurity Breakout Session from MassMEP's Manufacturing Your Future Event 2023

Synagex CEO and CISO, John Sinopoli and Peter Morin, were invited to present as guest speakers—and cybersecurity experts—at MassMEP's recent Manufacturing Your Future Smart Manufacturing event at Polar Park in Worcester, MA. The event served as an opportunity to Massachusetts manufacturers to network, learn, and explore growth opportunities (more info at

If you weren't able to make it, we have a recording of the entire session! Watch as John and Pete review why cybersecurity matters for manufacturers as they cover cybersecurity from a "Risk Rainbow" perspective—and make sure to watch until the end to see Pete simulate a real example of how easy it is for hackers to obtain critical information like passwords.

Tech Tip Takeaway:

Things May Not Be as Secure as They Seem

If you didn't watch til the end, we want to give this little takeaway: we recommend to NOT store your passwords in your browser. Pete explains in the video just how easy it is for any computer-savvy person to scrape the passwords stored in a browser... Did we mention this is all easily searchable on the internet?

Don’t freak out! This example is IF the malicious user has enticed you to click on a link that compromises your device…We like to secure in layers, so we opt for standalone password managers that can’t get hacked as easily as Pete demonstrates here.

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