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Facts & Stats for Cloud Security Day

Today is ☁️ Cloud Security Day ☁️—here’s why it’s important:

Cloud technology has become so ubiquitous that most of us are using it at work and at home every day… and haven’t put much thought into the SECURITY of these convenient cloud-based services... meanwhile Cloud Account Compromise is the #1 Cybersecurity Risk in the US. 😨

This risk has a lot to do with work culture being powered by remote working which drastically increased possible attack surfaces.

What is the cloud, anyway?

The Elusive Cloud ☁ Where is it? Is it someone else's computer? Are we all safe in the cloud? Is the cloud... in the sky?

The cloud is the Internet, basically.

We store, access and run things off of the internet, rather than a physical piece of equipment. It's on-demand, and it's remotely accessible anywhere we have an internet connection — making all things computing more convenient than ever!

You are probably using the cloud way more than you realize. Things like the entire Google Drive (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps etc.) are all on the cloud, as well as streaming services like Netflix. And SO. MUCH. MORE.

The Cloud Needs Security

While we may have been overlooking Cloud Security, hackers definitely have NOT. Brute force Cloud Attacks target 95% of organizations—and succeed around one third of the time. Yikes!

What can you do?

Stay cybersecurity-AWARE 👀 People are the strongest defense against cybersecurity attacks, so as always proceed with CAUTION! Think before you click! Trust your gut!

Here’s some things to think about when it comes to protecting your data:
  • Keep Strong Password Hygiene 💪 (We can’t emphasize this enough!)

  • Back-up Files Elsewhere 🔄 (Better safe than sorry.)

  • Set Permissions for Cloud Access 👥 (Not everyone needs to access EVERYTHING, right?)

  • Encrypt Sensitive Data Before Storing on the Cloud 🔒 (Planning for the worst!)

Happy #CloudSecurityDay from the team at Synagex! As always, if you need help securing the cloud infrastructure of your business, don't hesitate to reach out. We promise we make the world of cybersecurity, compliance and general information technology efficient, easy-to-understand and FUN!

Just trust us. ✆ ℡ 413.650.5230

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