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Get to Know More About ITaaS for National IT Professionals Day!

Today is IT Professionals Day! Be sure to thank an IT guy or gal today—they deserve it #justtrustus

If you’re left wondering, “what do IT folks do, anyway?”, John is here to explain IT all…

💭 Think about any technology you use, whether at home or at work, and how frustrating it is when it’s not working the way you want or need it to 😤… and now times that by 100 🤯🤯🤯

The kind of support we provide to small to medium sized businesses aims to make IT simple and make IT work—all the time. We strategize the best programs and processes for each individual organization, and offer top-notch service to keep IT running smoothly, enabling productivity and business flow ⚡

Managed Services... Explained!

We’re a MSP that offers ITaaS to SMB’s… say what?! 🥴

We get it—that’s a lot of acronyms! At Synagex, as a managed service provider (MSP) we offer ITaaS ☞ I.T… as a SERVICE to small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s). In fact, we offer managed IT services, meaning we maintain the processes and functions of all things IT-related for your organization—anything from password resets to big-picture IT strategy to streamline your business and enable it to grow!

Think of us like your outsourced IT department, complete with an IT help desk, network admin, cybersecurity training and a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)—AND it’s all at a flat rate monthly fee. It sounds crazy, but somebody has do IT, right?!

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