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Synagex Celebrates Manufacturing Day 2023

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Happy MFG Day to some of our core customers—our manufacturing organizations!

🤔 If you’re thinking, “wait, why are these IT guys so intertwined in the manufacturing world?”… well, it was actually a surprise for us too.

Though we still, of course, provide technology solutions and support for any business vertical, we have found a very big need for technology upgrades—and cybersecurity in particular—when it comes to the small manufacturing industry.

See, manufacturers are in a tough spot these days with government controlled cybersecurity regulations to comply with, and not enough time or resources to make sense of it all. Since we specialize in making IT simple, Synagex has come to specialize in helping manufacturers, specifically, to tackle this dilemma. We're even an accredited CMMC RPO (Registered Provider Organization).

Check out this video where John, our President & CEO, talks a little bit more about Industry 4.0, CMMC, and the other challenges that manufacturers face, and which we've come to be expert supporters for.

If you or someone you know is a small manufacturer in need of some tech help... reach out! We’re here if you need IT 😊

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